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Maple Icewine Chocolates
These maple leaf shaped chocolates are made with Laura Secord dark chocolate and the cream inside is flavoured with Canadian icewine. The box is 81g. (TH/314333)
Canada True Blueberry Tea - Tin
Canada True offers this blend of premium Ceylon tea with blueberry flavour. The tin contains 25 tea bags and is50g/1.75oz. Ingredients; Ceylon black tea, Canadian blueberry flavour. (H/BTEATIN)
Canada True Icewine Syrup Maple Leaf Bottle (Small)
This syrup from Canada True is flavoured with natural icewine. The bottle is 50ml. (Heart-1WS50ml)
Red Canada Neck Pillow
This neck pillow is red and the ends are white and shaped like maple leaves. Canada written in white with two white maple leaves at each end.
Toy Slingshot Ammo
The package contains ammo for toy slingshots. The ammo is small, wooden balls. The package will contain minimum 40 rounds (balls). (15/SB-20386)
Canada Flag with Maple Leaves Lapel Pin
This pin features an illustration of the Canadian flag with maple leaves around it and "Canada" written below.
Canada Adidas Style Design Navy/Pink T-Shirt (Child's)
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This t-shirt is navy blue with an Adidas style logo on the front with Canada written underneath.
Toy Slingshot - Wooden Eagle
This slingshot is made out of wood. The handle has an eagle face carved in it. This product is a toy. (15/SB-20383)
Maple Syrup Flask Bottle with Pewter Leaf
This bottle of 100% pure maple syrup is in a flask-like bottle and has a pewter leaf on the front. The bottle is 100ml. (203100/TH)
Canada True Icewine Tea Sampler
Canada True icewine tea is a blend of pure premium Ceylon tea flavoured with pure Canadian icewine. This box contains 10 tea bags and is 20g/0.7oz. Ingredients: Ceylon tea, nature identical Canadian icewine flavour. (Heart-PICET10)
Maple Caramels
These caramel treats are made with 100% pure Canadian maple syrup. The bag is 200g/7oz. (TH/332004)
Canada Adidas Navy/Yellow T-Shirt (Child's)
Navy t-shirt with the word Canada and an Adidas style symbol in yellow. (30)
Maple Crunch Chocolate Bar
This chocolate bar is made with Laura Secord milk chocolate and pure maple sugar. The bar is 100g. (TH/315101)
Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist Water Pen
The barrel of the pen is filled with water and sparkles with "Niagara Falls" and a Maid of the Mist boat that moves when the pen moves. The barrel also lights up with a red light when you write with the pen. The ink is black. Choose from four pen lid colours: red, pink, purple, and blue. *Please add a note in the order telling us what colour you would like.
Canada True Maple Green Tea Tin
Enjoy Ceylon green tea leaves flavoured with Canadian maple syrup. This tin contains 25 tea bags and is 50g/1.75oz. Ingredients: Ceylon green tea, nature identical Canadian maple syrup flavour. (Heart/GMTEATIN)
United States Flag Sticker
This oval sticker has the design of the American flag on it and is 7 long and 4.5 wide. (21) *Stickers can be shipped via regular mail to reduce shipping costs. Please request this option in the comments section of your order. Please note that regular mail service does not include the tracking option and may take longer to receive the order.
Canada Toque - White
This toque is white with red and black accents and has Canada written across the middle. It also has a red, square patch with a maple leaf on it stitched to the front. (28/B-165)
Moose Pillow
This pillow is square and light brown in colour. A stuffed head and legs make the pillow appear to look like a moose. A dark brown moose head is stitched near the bottom with "Canada" and two maple leaves stitched in the centre. (8)
Niagara Falls Silver Plated Spoon - Maid of Mist
This silver plated spoon has a photo of a Maid of the Mist ship in front of Niagara Falls, with "Niagara Falls" written underneath.
Muffy Moose Stuffed Animal
This moose stuffed animal is wearing red earmuffs and a red scarf with Canada written on it. It is approximately 9 inches tall. (43/13180)